Are Our Gods Actually Aliens?

Are Our Gods Actually Aliens?

he concept of God is deeply rooted in all religions. There is some reason why this concept is widely believed in every religion. In today’s article, we will discuss it.


Ancient Alien

With the advancement of science, man has gradually started moving towards the space objects around him. The man who has already set foot on the moon has landed the planes they made on the planet Mars and on the receivers floating in far space. The curiosity of scientists to search for extraterrestrial life is not over yet. Because of this, with the development of science, they will definitely travel to the planets beyond our solar system in search of life.
If human beings are curious enough to try to get away from their own solar system, if there are some intelligent beings living in deep space, then they should also try to find planets like our Earth that are far from their own solar system, right? Based on this argument, many intellectuals believe that such extraterrestrial visitors must have visited the earth without our knowledge.

The study of history

In our study of history on Earth, we have come across the most extraordinary information that we cannot believe. Because of this, many historians believe that the cause of those unusual events must be aliens who came and lived on Earth in the distant past. They call this concept Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Alien

The historian “Eric Duncan” who is researching this, published a very controversial book in 1968. In this book called “Chariots of Gods”, much evidence was given that intelligent aliens lived thousands of years ago.
If there is any division of God, they must be a very intelligent and powerful group. God should protect man but the man should not protect God. But those who are introduced as God in many religions have fought for very simple things. They are afraid of various dangers and have used various strategies to protect themselves from them. Some gods have become angry with man, damaged human property, and even acted to punish man. Therefore, God must be another category of beings with the same feelings as humans, right? It may be because of the great difference between the intelligence levels of those beings and humans that people used to worship the category of beings known as God. A deep study of the Gods of each religion shows that even though those Gods are called by different names, they must belong to the same category of beings.

Are Gods Aliens?

In every religion, God is represented as an intelligent group that came to man through the sky. In that case, the people who were called Gods may be a group of extraterrestrial beings who came to earth from another planet. As they were more intelligent than our ancestors, we might have worshiped them in awe of their great abilities. Those intelligent beings may have used their abilities and given special gifts to the man who worships them. Because of this, a man may have used to worship these “gods” to fulfill his unattainable desires, right? One of the main things that can be seen when observing the paintings done in the distant past is that in every civilization, man has the habit of worshiping beings more powerful than himself.

Aliens who migrated with the gods

Aliens who migrated with the gods

Perhaps humans did not evolve on Earth, but they too may be a division of aliens who migrated with these gods. Perhaps man is the result of an experiment conducted on Earth by a group of intelligent beings. The concept of this extraterrestrial “God” has also been mentioned in a science fiction written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. He says that truth will always be more amazing than fiction.

The story takes place during World War II

During the Second World War, the United States established temporary bases around the world to conduct its military operations around the island. America chose an isolated island in East Asia as a temporary base and established a new air base on that island. On this island lived a large group of tribes separated from the outside world, which was very undeveloped. The Americans who came to the island by airplanes saw these tribes as a group of gods who came to them riding on large birds. Realizing that they were unable to fight these American “gods” they were forced to submit to the Americans and worship them. Native Americans and tribes believed the technology to be magical.

The Americans who were involved in a big war had no need to fight the tribes. Because of this, the Americans used their technology to voluntarily enslave the tribes that worshiped them. In exchange for serving him, he gave them delicious food, valuable clothes, medicine, and technical tools. After the end of World War, the Americans suddenly left this island. The tribes could not bear the sudden departure of the “god” who was with them fulfilling their wishes. They thought that they left because of the shortcomings of their worship of the Americans. On the island where they live, they made various signs visible in the distant sky and watched the sky for years, hoping that the gods who had come and gone from the sky would return to them.

Their purpose

In this way, extraterrestrial beings may have come to earth for their temporary purposes. Having accomplished their purpose, they may have left the earth. Unable to bear such a departure, the earthly man may have worshiped the images of the gods who had given him wonderful gifts and services until their return. He may have believed that even by worshiping them, he would get stronger. This is how different gods of different religions have been born for thousands of years.

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