Artists and designers protest against AI-generated graphics

Artists and designers protest against AI-generated graphics

We are right when we say that Artstation is a community platform that can showcase the creations of designers or content from all over the world. Through that, designers get the opportunity to socialize their designs and clients also get the ability to sell their services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a technology to generate images using artificial intelligence has been the subject of intense discussion around the world for many days. Using technical tools like Midjourney and OpenAI to generate various images using a keyword, the special feature here is that these AI-Generated Images are more colorful than a design created by a human being.

The winning picture Théâtre Dopéra Spatial (Space Opera Theater). (Jason M. Allen via SWNS).© Provided by talker

In an art competition held in the United States of America last September, art created using AI technology managed to win the competition. At the same time, other designers who had participated in the tournament started to direct their displeasure at AI Image Generating Tools.

However, for many weeks various people have started to showcase AI-Generated Images on Artstation in a big way, and it has become a big threat to the real creators there. Therefore, many real designers have come together and created a campaign called #NoToAIGeneratedImages , protesting the publication of AI-Generated Images on the Artstaion platform.

Also, we get the opportunity to see that many experts in the field have protested against the publication of AI-Generated Images on that platform and their views on the designers and design market in the future.

📢Expect an article through our website TechNews.LK includes the opinions expressed by the subject experts who are engaged in designing in Sri Lanka about the images created using AI technology and its use, as well as what will happen to the design market and the designer in the future with this technology.

However, Artstation later commented on the backlash against AI-Generated Images on their platform. There they said that AI-Generated Images will not be removed from that platform and steps will be taken to update the Terms and Conditions and Copyright Policies for that purpose immediately. Access the full announcement published by them here.

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