Google Data Centers used over 15 billion liters of water across the globe in 2021

Google Data Centers used over 15 billion liters of water across the globe in 2021

With the current technological development in the world, various companies around the world are using Data Centers which are useful for their operations. In this article, we bring to you news reported these days about these Data Centers, which are primarily used for storing, maintaining, and distributing user data.

Why are Data Centers Important?

A data center is a facility that is used to centralize and control all the data and operations of an organization. Here the basic processes of data storage, processing, and distribution are carried out, and also the equipment and other technical operations owned by the organization are centralized.

As a lot of major operations of an organization take place through this Data Center, it is a fact that an organization pays more attention to its maintenance and updates and its security.

As mentioned above, in the year 2021, Google used about 15 billion liters of water for its data centers around the world. Commentators point out that the reason for the delay of this news about it for about a year may be the problematic atmosphere between the companies.

It is said that Google, which has been blamed by various organizations for its huge consumption of water, has used about 80% of its water consumption for its Data Center in the United States of America alone. Media reports that this is a threefold increase compared to the amount of water used in the last 5 years.

The important point is that in a report released this year, Microsoft has used more than 84 million liters of water in 2021 for its data centers.

Why do data centers need so much water?


In short, data centers require water mainly for their cooling process. Water is primarily used to control the rise in temperature caused by the processes of servers in data centers. According to sources, the cooling process has to start when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius.

The problem of reusing the water consumed here has arisen for various companies and we can hope that positive solutions will be found for it. It can be inferred that the global temperature increase has directly affected the increase in water consumption used for data centers owned by Google.

Locations of Data Centers owned by Google. Source:

Also, compared to data centers located in America, a significant reduction in water consumption can be observed in Europe. You can download a test letter related to these Data Centers below.

Data Centre Water Consumption

Data Centre Water Consumption.pdf

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