Qualcomm Unveils High-Speed ​​Wi-Fi 7 Technology for Home Use

Recently, Qualcomm revealed about the High-Performance Wireless Networking Technology called “The Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home Platform” designed for home users. Through this, a high-speed internet experience can be obtained and this is also scheduled to be released in the next year or two.

This Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home Platform is able to achieve a maximum speed of up to 20 Gbps and for that, a Power-efficient Chipset is used according to the Qualcomm Institute, this is also a very profitable one.

This platform also includes a new feature called Qualcomm Multi-Link Mesh, which shows another development step in home networking technology with a faster and more responsive networking experience.


“We developed the Qualcomm Immersive Home Platform to enable high-performance connectivity in a cost-effective, low-profile form factor delivering the newest innovations in home networking,” – Senior Vice President of Wireless Infrastructure and Networking at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. General Manager Nick Kucharewski-

The new Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home Platform features Multi-Gigabit Fiber Broadband connectivity and extremely low latency. Thus, High-resolution Video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, as well as Low-latency Gaming, will be closer to users.

Also, this platform has the ability to further increase the performance of legacy wireless devices through the Multi-Link Mesh facility. That means older devices will also work better with WiFi 7 than before.

Qualcomm expects products with this WiFi 7 chipset to be closer to consumers by the second half of 2023.

Qualcomm WiFi 7 Immersive Home Platform has Multi-Link Mesh technology which has been mentioned before, it is also a facility to dynamically manage wireless connection intelligently according to the network demand of the devices. By adding one or more of the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or 6GHz bands to match the devices or using another option, providing an optimum speed with low latency as well as a lag-free gaming experience is done. And in a crowded wireless environment, the real-time latency of WiFi 7 is reduced by 75%.

“Wi-Fi 7 brings powerful new capabilities which are best experienced using a tri-band system. Through this approach, Wi-Fi mesh can deliver performance gains for both new and legacy devices”

WiFi 7 also uses 4K QAM Modulation with a wider 240MHz Channel Width to further increase performance in the 5GHz Band, which is 80% higher throughput compared to its predecessor WiFi 6.

Also for the latest 6GHz Band of WiFi 7, a 4K QAM Modulation with a 320MHz Channel Width has been used, which shows a 140% higher throughput compared to the latest WiFi technology, WiFi 6E.

Wi-Fi brands such as Linksys, and Netgear TP-Link are already ready to use WiFi 7 and several of its executives have commented on this.

“Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7 Immersive Home platforms provide our customers with cost-effective, high-performance networking for any size home. We’re excited to work alongside a company that is the first in the industry to combine Multi-Link Mesh with advanced Wi-Fi 7 capabilities” -Linksys Customer Product Management Director Aly Reyes-

“Our work with Qualcomm grants us front-line access to the next generation of platforms that offer a complete portfolio of advanced Wi-Fi 7 capabilities to our customers” -Netgear-

“We’re looking forward to combining this technology with our wireless RF and networking expertise to provide our customers with unique, high-performance, multi-band Orbi Mesh products” -David Henry, president and general manager of Connected Home Products and Services at Netgear-


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