WhatsApp works to provide the facility to undo a sent message

 Major social media application WhatsApp recently introduced two features to its users namely “Delete For Me” and “Delete For Everyone”.

Sometimes you may face some problems while using these features. What do you do if you delete a message by mistake or if the messages that the other party wants to delete are deleted only for you? If there is content that could harm your privacy in some way, would it affect you that way?

Then you can think that it would be better if the other party can also delete the message using Delete For Everyone. If you think so then WhatsApp has given you the opportunity. This article brings you that information.

As the next chapter in the message deletion facility, WhatsApp has provided the facility for users to retrieve deleted messages within a short time using Delete For Me.

If you have deleted a message using Delete For Me as shown in the photo above, you can undo it a few moments later as shown above. But this doesn’t help with Delete For Everyone. It is possible to remove the messages obtained by undoing them in this way using the Delete For Everyone or Delete For Me features.

This update has been released for Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Desktop and you can also get this facility by doing the latest update.

Achi Fernando (ABLK STUDIOS)
Achi Fernando (ABLK STUDIOS)

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